Fun Easter Egg Games

Easter egg hunting with the kids for Easter is fun, but have you ever wanted to switch it up? Here are some more unique Easter egg games:

  1. The Wolf and the Eggs

So in this one, the kids are the eggs! One kid is the wolf and the others are the eggs; everyone needs to choose a color for their egg. The wolf then calls out colors. If the kid’s color is called, they have to step forward and spell their name, then run a predetermined route back to the rest of the eggs (called the “basket”.) If the wolf catches them, then they become the wolf!


  1. Steal the Egg

A game for grown-ups and kids! You line up, all numbered down the line, and place a plastic Easter egg in the middle. The “referee” then calls out a number and the two players with that number step forward. Both must try to get the egg and get it back to their team before being tagged. You get one point for getting it back and one point for tagging someone, so strategy is important.


  1. Egg Roll

Each kid gets a hard-boiled egg and must get it to the finish line by rolling it. You can decide how! Whether it’s with a spoon, their feet (without cracking it), or their noses!

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