Vacation Destinations near Corinth, Mississippi

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Corinth, Mississippi is one of our favorite places in the entire world. However, it’s nice to get away from even your favorite places for a little bit. The best time of the year to take a weekend excursion is during the summer. As luck would have it, there are numerous spots around the Corinth area that make fantastic weekend excursions. The next time you have a weekend free during the summer, plan a weekend trip to one of these vacation destinations near Corinth, Mississippi.

Tishomingo State Park

If you want to find a place that really highlights the beauty of Mississippi, then Tishomingo State Park is the destination for you! Tishomingo State Park is home to various forests and lakes that are beautiful no matter what time of the year it is.

Pickwick Landing State Park

Another State Park located only a short trip away from Corinth, Pickwick Landing State Park is arguably just as beautiful as Tishomingo State Park. A former stop for Riverboats, Pickwick Landing illustrates the history of the great state of Mississippi.

Tupelo National Battlefield

Speaking of Mississippi’s history, there is no better place to discover it than at Tupelo National Battlefield. The site of one of the most important battles during the Civil War, Tupelo National Battlefield is a great place to learn about the state we live in.

Enjoy your weekend excursion to one of these great Mississippi locations!

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