Chevrolet’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi

26942975950_0e3c1a1daa_zWe live in a connected world. Can you imagine doing your job, planning a trip, or even searching for movie times without the internet? Because of the net’s importance in our daily lives, Chevrolet has incorporated a Wi-Fi system into much of its lineup. In fact, Chevrolet’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi lineup is now bigger than any other automaker.

With the OnStar service and data plan, the Wi-Fi let’s up to seven devices connect at once for fast internet surfing, access to your favorite apps, and more.

The Wi-Fi system is an ideal way to turn your vehicle into a mobile on-to-go office space. You can quickly receive and respond to emails, download important files, and more, all from your car.

4G LTE Wi-Fi is available in nearly every current Chevrolet model, from the compact Spark, to the family-friendly Traverse, to the ever-capable Silverado.

OnStar has a variety of monthly data plans available to fit a variety of budgets.

  • 1GB per month for $10
  • 4GB per month for $20
  • 10GB per month for $40

Or, buyers can choose between two data passes. A small 250MB per day for $5, or an all-inclusive $20GB for 12 months for $150.

To learn more about how Chevrolet’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi works, stop by Crossroads Chevy Buick GMC.

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