Tips for Saving Gas

Although gas prices have dropped significantly over the last year or two, there are still plenty of good reasons to save gas. It’s good for the environment, it keeps supply high, and it saves you a bit of money. Here are some tips for saving gas.11437082723_d6641896c5_z


Drive Slower

Many people are in a rush to get where they’re going as fast as possible, but that comes at the expense of your fuel economy. Driving closer to the speed limit increases the amount of miles you get per gallon.


Remove Excess Weight

You may not even think about everything that’s in your car, but that bed frame that’s been in your trunk for the last two months is causing your miles per gallon to drop. Less weight in your car means less fuel used.


Fill Up Strategically

You don’t need to fill up your tank when it’s on half. Wait until you’re down to a quarter of a tank to fill up, as this gives you plenty of time to find the best deal.



The most tried and true method, carpooling saves money for everyone involved. If you have a co-worker that lives right down the street, take turns driving to work. It’s even better if you can find two or three co-workers that live close to you.

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