What’s the Difference Between the Silverado and the Colorado?

25096757412_a4315f10b5_z-1Chevrolet produces a lot of great cars, but some of their most popular options are their pickup trucks. They’re high-quality and reliable, so the decision often comes down to which one to buy. The Silverado or the Colorado? Here’s the difference between the two trucks.


One of the most obvious differences is on the exterior of the trucks. As the Colorado is a bit smaller than the Silverado, you will notice that everything on the truck is a bit smaller. The Colorado has smaller headlights, a smaller grille, and it looks a bit less brawny in general.


Getting in the car, you will notice much of the same thing. Everything is just a little bit bigger on the Silverado. The door handles are a bit larger, the center console is bigger, and there is just a bit more space in general.


However, the biggest difference for most people is that there is more power in the Silverado. While the Colorado comes standard with a four-cylinder engine with the option for a V6, the Silverado comes standard with a V6 and an option for a V8.


It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a truck. If big, brawny, and powerful is what you want, the Silverado may be for you. If versatility and fuel economy are more your thing, the Colorado could be for you. They’re both great trucks.

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