Get Ready for a Summer Road Trip


Traveling during the summer is an American tradition, but some cars may not be up for a long journey. We here at Crossroads of Corinth have a few tips to help you get ready for a summer road trip!


Hit the road with confidence that your vehicle is up to par and can handle whatever the open road has to offer. Having your vehicle professionally inspected a few weeks prior to heading out on a summer road trip can help spot and fix problems, effectively avoiding a potential breakdown on the road. Make sure to have the oil changed, tires rotated, and fluids checked as well. It wouldn’t hurt to give the tires a good look before you leave either.


Packing a set of tools can go a long way, especially if you expect some mechanical problems on the road. At the very least, every driver should include a pry bar, tire wrench, and jack, just in case you end up with a flat tire.


Windshield wipers are usually the last car part on your mind before a road trip. The wipers are a pertinent safety feature, especially in wet climates that experience rains throughout the summer. Fortunately, a new set of wipers is both cheap and quick to install.

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