Chevrolet Colorado Fuel-Cell Pickup

The Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup already holds a reputation for off-road prowess that few competitors can match. As it turns out, that off-road capability has made the Colorado the prime test subject for the United States Army’s new vehicle. The military recently began testing a Chevrolet Colorado fuel-cell pickup designed to revolutionize the battlefield.

The Army is currently testing the amount of noise the vehicle makes, overall stealth, torque capabilities, efficiency, and water vapor discharge. If tests are successful, the Chevrolet Colorado fuel-cell pickup could become the next generation of military transport.

Otherwise known as the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered pickup truck boasts a silent powertrain. The prototype boasts a rather eccentric, off-road-driven design that likely won’t make it to the production line. The truck was created in Michigan with the help of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The truck is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that, in turn, powers an electric motor. The latest powertrain is the result of GM’s fuel-cell development programs.

We here at Crossroads Automotive of Corinth are pumped to see the Chevrolet Colorado proving its worth in the toughest field imaginable.

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