Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

October has finally arrived, and with it comes spooky decorations, local haunted houses, and trick-or-treating events. Heading out for a night of candy collecting is on every kid’s agenda, but safety has to come first. Here are some helpful Halloween safety tips from us here at Crossroads Automotive of Corinth.

Plan Ahead

It pays to know the details ahead of time. Find out what the trick-or-treating hours are for your local community and stick to them. There’s safety in numbers, after all. Planning out your route ahead of time, whether focused on candy amounts or avoiding dangerous areas, can help cut down on travel time and allow the kids to visit more houses.

Stay Comfortable

No parent wants to end up carrying their child for the last hour of trick-or-treat night. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes they’re comfortable walking in, especially the kids. Costumes shouldn’t be too long, nor should they be too hot. Having to end the night early due to a costume problem isn’t something the kids will enjoy.

Forget Masks

Masks might be a great accessory to any costume, but kids could end up having visibility or breathing issues. Instead, use paint or makeup on younger children to ensure they stay comfortable, can see clearly, and have no breathing issues as they head out to collect their sweet goodies.

At Crossroads Automotive, we are excited for the Halloween season!

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