Video Games Help Develop Child Safety Technology

Baby Safety

In the course of designing a vehicle, GM takes child safety very seriously. In fact, the automaker has an entire design division devoted to it. How do you manufacture a car that can accommodate scores of child seats of all different shapes and sizes? You use video game technology.

The Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies designs tools to help manufacturers ensure that the vehicles they produce are safe for children. In the course of their research, they discovered the Kinect motion sensor. The sensor was “originally developed for the Xbox 360,” according to a press release from Chevy.

By superimposing images of child seats captured by the Kinect sensor, researchers get a better idea of how much space an automobile needs to have, and what kind of shape it must be, to support a child seat.

Child safety technology developed from the data collected by the Kinect sensor helps Chevy engineers design vehicles that represent the highest in safety standards.

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